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Chapter 204

All Masters had strong self-esteem.

To be precise, there was no reason for them to be humble.

Although they were all recognized as Masters, she didn’t consider herself inferior to any of them.

They were so proud of their status that they thought they could win in any fight.

But I told someone like her to become a slave.

To be honest, I thought she would reject my idea.

Which proud Master would work under someone weaker than themselves?

Under someone from another race, at that.

It was close to impossible, no matter how much debt she had.

If it weren't for the World Tree in the first place, I wouldn't be able to stay with the Elves after suggesting this.

Would she accept my offer?

I guessed not.

It would be nice if she didn't curse at me, let alone accept it.

Why was I suggesting it, even though I knew that?

'When you look at something big, the next thing tends to look small.'

I intended to ask her to lend me her strength.

I want her to come and help me when I deal with Ahar.

That was my actual request.


Chapter 204