Chapter 0 - Prologue

I was an only child.

This meant I was the main character in my family.

So, I thought I could be the main character even outside.

Even in high school, I used to think like that.

It was after going to college that I realized I was just an extra.

I had always been drawn to the world of acting, and so I took a chance and threw all of my energy into chasing my dream.

"Wow, you’re definitely getting the lead role."

"You're good at acting."

As a young actor, I was praised for my talent. But as I delved deeper into the craft, I encountered formidable peers and rivals who outperformed me on stage. To add insult to injury, many of them were also more conventionally attractive than I was.

As I lived my life as an extra like that, one day at a time, I woke up and found myself in a novel.

"Hey, look over there. It's that trash."

"Wow... I heard he’s still stuck at 1st Circle. I'd die from embarrassment if that was me."

The trash of a count family. Also, an extra.

And he was even brutally killed by the main character of the novel.

"This is driving me crazy."

Even in this other world, I had no time to despair over being an extra. The most important thing was to keep living, whether I was the main character or not.


"This… isn’t bad."

The life of a crazy extra was pretty good.

Chapter 0