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Chapter 84

Pshk. Taehyun’s Talisman came in contact with Xu Xin’s back. He was using a Rare Grade item and possessed a Strength stat on the level of an S-Rank. Throughout the world, only a handful of people could survive if they gave their back to Taehyun. 

Unfortunately, Xu Xin was one of those people.

“That didn’t even tickle.” A frigid voice slipped through the translation feature on Taehyun’s earring. The man grabbed Taehyun’s wrist and flung him away. Banggg. The impact accelerated the building’s collapse. G-g-g-groan. 

‘Does he have armor on? He’s unbelievably... tough.’ Grimacing at the shock he felt through Stone Skin, Taehyun stood back up. 

While this happened, Tetsu attempted to escape the building with his two bodyguards. He’d taken the moment Taehyun’s skill was weakened by Xu Xin’s attack to flee. ‘If I lose him here, it’ll be impossible to catch him again during the Exhibition Games.’ Even for Taehyun, it wouldn’t be easy to find a Yvelian who was intent on hiding. Especially if that Yvelian was one of the Three Elders; the Exhibition Games would end before he could even find any proper clues of his whereabouts.

‘So, I need to do it right now.’ He...

Chapter 84