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Chapter 68

Ding. [Skill Chains of Restraint (B) has been used. Selecting target.]

Chr-r-r-r-rk. Chr-r-r-k. Chains materialized from thin air and moved to capture Milena. However, she wasn’t called an S-Rank Yvelian for nothing.

“Ahah... Ahahahaha!” Milena cackled as she dodged the chains attempting to restrain her. 

‘Not bad,’ Taehyun thought. She was supposed to be a mage class awakened. However, her movements were unusually agile. It was to the point that he could sense how constricted she would have felt while acting as Miranda.

Taehyun was just about to activate his second kill when Milena’s skill, Witch’s Claw, shot towards his eye. S-s-s-sh-shk. The nails surrounded him, preventing him from dodging. Spt. Then, one of the nails managed to graze past Taehyun’s throat.

[Mana infiltration detected. Afflicted with Witch’s Poison (S). Resisting with unidentified power. Resistance successful.]

‘Oh, so it has an additional effect.’ All Taehyun knew about the Yvelian Milena was her appearance and that she possessed three skills. However, he hadn’t known that the S-Rank skill Witch’s Claw had...

Chapter 68