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Chapter 186 - He's Not a Top Actor for Nothing

High Battle #1: The appearance of Emperor Taizong of Tang, Li Shimin.

From a young age, Li Shimin, who would later become Emperor Taizong of Tang, enjoyed gambling and martial arts more than books. He displayed an aggressive nature, slaughtering regional nobles and rebels who did not follow him. This caused great anxiety for the crown prince, Li Jiancheng, and the youngest brother, Li Yuanji.

"Brother Yuanji, our brother Shimin's actions are not normal. If we let this continue, we'll be the ones to suffer."

At the words of Li Jiancheng, the crown prince and eldest brother, Li Yuanji nodded in agreement.

"Considering our second brother's temperament, it's very possible. Since he was young, he'd only be satisfied when he got what he wanted."

So, the two of them devise a plot to eliminate Li Shimin. However, Li Shimin, who has already extended his power and planted eyes and ears in various places, catches wind of their plan.

"My older brother and the youngest dare to try to remove me?"

The furious Li Shimin uses the information to set a trap.

"Shimin, I am your brother. Please spare my life."

Chapter 186