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Chapter 217

The promise of creating hell had been fulfilled.

Ian and Daniel had definitely fallen for it.

They couldn't help but admire the trick, albeit begrudgingly.

It had been a while since they were taken by surprise like this; they had encountered tougher monsters that had pushed them back, but it had been quite some time since they were ensnared by magic like this.

"It's pretty funny. I didn't even realize I was trapped by magic."

"Yeah. Damn… I was really caught off guard."

Ian's words made Daniel nod in agreement.

Ian scanned the area, trying to detect any signs of magic.

Although he wasn't as knowledgeable about magic as Daniel, being able to read the flow of mana was essential in their current predicament.

So, Ian concentrated his gaze on the mana and studied its flow.

The source of the magic was likely where the flow of mana distorted.

Having no other option but to keep going, even though they were ensnared by magic, Ian and Daniel continued onward.

Standing still wouldn't solve anything, so they had to move.

They attempted to find a flaw in the mag...

Chapter 217