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Chapter 213

The commotion between the spirits and Yseu was resolved rather quickly. No matter how inexperienced Yseu was, she was still the Queen of Water. As a result, the water spirits had no choice but to obey her commands, and her words carried a great sense of dignity. The festive atmosphere among the water spirits remained, but they tried their best to suppress it when they saw Yseu's embarrassed expression.

Sensing their restraint, Yseu sighed softly and swam to Ian's side. Soon her body began to emit light, and she turned into mana. Yseu naturally entered the sword, shivering slightly.

"Hey, let's go."


"Outside. Just come on! You really don't know how to take a hint, do you?"

At Yseu's words, Ian smiled and closed his eyes. As the energy of water gradually receded, Ian and Yseu were able to leave the spirit realm.


Ian breathed out, and his breath softly turned into water.


After a silent moment, he turned his body and left the water. Drying his wet bod...

Chapter 213