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Chapter 216


The knights' faces paled as their foe laughed.

No matter how they attacked, it didn't seem like they would be able to win.

“That's all?”

He ridiculed the knights.

Even though I'd been fighting them for a while now, I couldn't get used to those goddamn monstrous physical abilities they possessed.

I couldn't cut their skin without using Aura, so an ordinary soldier or ranger couldn't handle them.

They had the strength to crush rocks with bare hands, so it wasn’t enough to describe them with the word strong.

If it weren't for the Easton soldiers who had trained to deal with them all their lives, few people could stand against them.

'I'll just have to kill him.'

He stood out among the enemies.

He was overpowering three knights, so he must be a Warrior Commander or roughly equivalent.

This battle would be solved quickly if I killed him.

A roar cut through my thoughts.

A knight was thrown to the side, the sword he was holding broken in half.

The savage climbed atop him and raised his glaive high into the sky.

The k...

Chapter 216