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Chapter 183 - Amazon Dungeon (4)

Olibarerra, the president of Peru, was surprised to hear Leonardo’s report. 

“What? What are they siphoning away?” asked Olibarerra. 

"They’re earning money by providing the Ecuadorians with information about the mana resources."

President Olibarerra asked how Leonardo had found out about this. 

“Bring Kang Hyuk to me. I need to talk to him myself,” said President Olibarerra. 


Kang Hyuk entered the Peruvian president’s office. Olibarerra greeted Kang Hyuk in his seat. Kang Hyuk and Olibarerra began negotiating. 

“I would like to know how you came across this information,” said Olibarerra. 

“I can’t tell you that. My informants are my eyes and ears in the South American continent. If I tell you the details, it’ll put my informants in danger. Why would I do that?” replied Kang Hyuk. 

“Then please tell me why you want to form an alliance with Peru.” 

“It’s simple. I want to use the war between Brazil and Argentina to take the mana resources along the Amazon River. Argentina will fight Brazil in a fight for mana resources, and Brazil will defend their mana resources. They know that the other nations wi...

Chapter 183