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Chapter 67

“Say that again,” Seongho Park growled, grabbing Taehyun by his shirt collar. 

However, Taehyun’s expression was as calm as before as he spoke, “I said, we will leave her here.”

Hearing this, Seongho Park pulled out a gun from his belt. It was the magic grade item Coldlock 1851.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Pointing the gun at Taehyun, he shouted to the boy as if he was giving him one last chance to make the correct decision.

“Leaving her is the best option we have. Also, I’m the one who wants to ask if you’re in your right mind right now.”

Click. Vwooom. Seongho Park continued to collect more mana, seemingly prepared to activate his skill Magic Bullet at any moment.

“I don’t consider bastards like you comrades. How are you any different from a Yvelian?”

“A Yvelian... well, that’s going a little too far.” Taehyun scowled as if he hadn’t expected to be called a Yvelian.

“Shut up! You’re no longer our party...”

“But that doesn’t mean you have to point a gun at me.” Taehyun lightly waved his hand around. Just from that simple movement, the gun being held by Seongho Park came into Taehyun’s grasp. It had happened in a split second, so quic...

Chapter 67