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Chapter 59

'Damn it. Should I have kept my eyes closed?’ Taehyun cursed to himself amidst the pitch-black darkness. The only explanation for the current situation was that he had been affected by Rosaria’s technique.

Despite being careful, he still ended up this way.

Blaming himself for his lack of alertness, Taehyun looked around him. He couldn’t do anything without escaping this palace, so he needed to find a solution as soon as possible. ‘I did hear that Succubi made their targets dream. But this doesn’t look like a dream…’

Taehyun had already reached the strength of a top-level S-Rank in the case of his Mana stat. Even without using Devour, he was confident he could fight against a National Level Player, but the opponent had laughed at Taehyun’s physical stats and sealed seven of his skills.

The Queen of Mares… ‘The Succubus Queen.’ It wouldn’t be strange for his current situation to be a dream, but Taehyun shook his head. ‘That can’t be it. She’d practically be a god then.’

Belatedly thinking about how he had attempted to establish an Oath of Summoning with such a monster, Taehyun laughed in exasperation. Just as he was about to blame himself for his recklessness, he re...

Chapter 59