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Chapter 57


“Kya! What is this power…?"

“Oh, my… Are we being crushed?”

“Kekeke. Are we going to die?”

Taehyun concentrated Knight Lord’s Haki on the monsters assumed to be Grand Succubi. With a Mana stat of 200, he had grown strong enough to face three S-Rank monsters at once. 

Thump. Thump. Thummp. Even the monsters with the additional title of Grand were unable to move from the overwhelming pressure.

“Now, then. Why don’t we take some time to get to know each other?”

Snap. Taehyun snapped his fingers, and Paralysis was added to the effects of Knight Lord’s Haki. After raising his Mana stat to 200, not only did his skills become stronger, but his proficiency in using them also increased—making it possible for him to use a larger variety of techniques.

“That’s strange. My body is hardening~”

“Kekeke. This is a skill called Paralysis.”

“Are we really going to die?”

Despite being afflicted with two S-Rank level skills, the Grand Succubi were still maintaining the...

Chapter 57