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Chapter 17

Taehyun headed to none other than Gungook High after he met with Taewook Go.

‘I should tell Mr. Yakyong Shim the news, at the very least.’

After regressing, a high school diploma was no longer important to Taehyun. In fact, he planned to quit school after obtaining what he wanted. The only reason he changed his mind was because of his aunt and uncle, who wished for him to graduate even more than he did.

‘Well, in their perspective, it would be a little wasteful for me to quit just a few months before graduation.’ But that didn’t mean he would waste time at school.

The decision had opportunity costs at stake.

‘For reference, hunting is the best when you kill two birds with one stone.’ Taehyun planned to solve all of his problems with the document in his hand.

A moment later, shouts could be heard from the teachers’ office.

“Mister Taehyun Kim! Do you think school is just a game?! Or a playground where you can just come and go whenever you wish?!”

That was not the end of the Vice Principal’s lecture.

“First Mr. Bummo Koo, then Taesik Jo, Hyuksoo Bae, Myunggyoon Kim, and now even Mr. Jungjae Lee?! I was planning to stay quiet for Mr. Shim�...

Chapter 17