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Chapter 224

Ian created a flow of mana, and Daniel used his magic to spread it, revealing the true state of the forest.


The forest was in terrible condition.


It was horrifying and grotesque.


Daniel sighed softly as he gazed at the motionless monsters on the ground.


More accurately, he looked at the bones that had once been monsters.


The forest was dead.


Every animal in it had turned into bones, and the trees and grass had all withered away.


Looking at the trees that seemed to be on the verge of collapsing, his expression naturally turned grim.


He couldn't believe that they had gone through such difficulties against these bones in this kind of forest.


"Really... The one who created this must be the second worst person in the world."


Ian muttered. Since the worst person was the Crown Prince, this person would be the second worst.


"For now... Let's move."


"Where to?"




Ian wanted to get out of there as s...

Chapter 224