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Chapter 195

Golems were difficult to deal with because their core had to be destroyed for them to stop moving.

No matter how much damage was dealt to their other parts, if their core remained intact, they could slowly recover, making them a very troublesome and annoying monster to face.

Ian, of course, could deal with golems more easily than others since he could sense mana better than anyone and quickly locate the golem's core.

However, this was a first for him.

"Considering this, it's like... a piece of cake, isn't it?"

Ian muttered as he casually flicked his sword. Yseu vibrated in response.

He found the golem's core and destroyed it by simply stabbing it anywhere and using mana to break it.

It consumed a bit of mana but was a much more efficient method.

With a smirk, Ian glanced at the golems barreling towards him.

More and more golems kept pouring out of the cave, their numbers growing despite Ian taking them out swiftly.

Ian sprinted forward, kicking the ground.

An Iron Golem's fist barely grazed his face as he dived into its embrace.

Since the golem had a similar appearance and move...

Chapter 195