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Chapter 214 - Upheaval (2)

[That's nonsense!]

That was the Heavenly Demon's reaction to my words.

According to him, if we were to look at it that way, there would be no butterfly effect.

Although there were no results without cause, he told me not to think about it too much and not to make such far-fetched connections.

He added that I had a bad habit of trying to understand phenomena by following a human perspective and logic, precisely the principle of causality.

"What's wrong with that?"

I argued, but the Heavenly Demon told me such a habit wouldn’t help me improve my martial arts skills.

When I asked how that had anything to do with martial arts, the Heavenly Demon said,

[Such habits confine you to the common sense you have learned as a human so far. Once you have reached Profundity, you should break free from that.]

I could understand his point, but something kept me from accepting it.

[You only feel like you understand it.]

"Is that so?"

[It's the path I have walked, so I know what it feels like. Anyway, that denial is proof you’re trapped by human common sense. When you break from it, you will...

Chapter 214