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Chapter 210 - Preparation (1)

I heard an unexpected suggestion from the Heavenly Demon. Abandon China?

"Are you serious?"

[Although I enjoy joking around, I wouldn't joke about something like this.]

"What about the restoration and revival of the Heavenly Demon Cult?"

[I said to abandon China, not the Heavenly Demon Cult. And is there a rule that the Heavenly Demon Cult must operate only in China? Technically, it's not even a traditional Chinese religion.]

Although it sounded far-fetched, the Heavenly Demon's words made sense.

The religion originated in ancient China, but considering the Demon God himself was a being from before the dimensional divide, he could be considered a divine being from another world.

It wouldn't be wrong to say he was on the same level as the Creator since he possessed the power of a god.

"So, what about them...?"

[What about them? Bring them here.]

"Huh? You don't know how many there are, do you?"

[That's for you to figure out. I think this place is good enough.]

He meant that Seoul, with its terrain similar to Mount Taishan, would be a suitable n...

Chapter 210