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Chapter 209 - Things That Don't Change (3)

The peculiar news headline read, "Returnee Lee Byeong-gi devours the monsters of the Gate!"

The news broadcast featured well-edited scenes of me taking care of the monsters that appeared at the Yangjae Station intersection and quickly moving to Myeong-dong to rescue the Awakened soldiers and hunters in crisis.

Then, a discussion in the form of a roundtable followed with the topic, "Inaccessible Gates and the emergence of flying monsters, what will the Hunter Management Bureau do?"

However, it ended as just a discussion with no solutions.

[This seems quite different from ordinary news, right?]

"It seems to follow more of that current affairs program format."

[Most of it was just praising your ass.]

"Geez, praising my ass? That's quite a crude metaphor, don't you think?"

[Even the Hunter Management Bureau's briefing and citizen interviews were all about you.]

He mentioned this because there were negative comments about me during the discussion.

The shopkeepers and building owners around the Yangjae Station intersection complained, which was expected since their area was destroyed.


Chapter 209