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Chapter 192 - Omen (4)

To sum up Gaia's words, it meant that things that were bound to happen would inevitably occur even when faced against great destiny. That included choices made by all those living in the Earth dimension, or the 4,884th dimension, whether those choices were right or wrong.

"So, you're saying I alone cannot prevent the Cataclysm?"

"You can prevent the world's destruction."

"I can't prevent the Cataclysm, but I can prevent the destruction... That sounds contradictory."

"I see your point. Think of it as the trial of the chosen one."


As I fell into thought, Gaia made an understanding expression and continued speaking.

"I cannot fathom the will of the Creator, who is also our light. I have no choice but to follow."

Then, the Heavenly Demon spoke sarcastically.

[Could it just be for the Creator's amusement? Aren't there some administrators like that? It was the same with the dragon you created.]

"I cannot forgive words that insult the Creator. So, don't carelessly run your mouth. You old rascal!"

[You're one to talk about mouth!...

Chapter 192