Platform Update - July 5th

Platform Update - July 5th

Hey everyone! We’re excited to be rolling out some of the features and changes we've had in the works.

3-Hour "Wait To Read" (W.T.R)

  • Introducing our latest feature, “Wait To Read” (WTR), a replacement to the 24-hour free chapter unlock. 
  • With WTR, you can now unlock chapters for free by starting a 3-hour unlock timer. Once unlocked, the chapter will be accessible for 48 hours, and you can immediately initiate the 3-hour unlock timer for the next chapter.
  • Novel chapters are eligible for WTR until the series’ latest 10 chapters.
  • Comic chapters are eligible for WTR until the series’ latest 5 chapters.

Purchased Chapter Time-Limit

  • The 24-hour time limit imposed on chapter purchases has been entirely removed. This means any chapter you will (or have) purchased using Shards are now permanent!

Novel Schedule

  • The release schedule for all our novels has been changed to one chapter every day.

Offers Restored

  • The ability to purchase the $20 Limited-Time Launch Offer and the $5 One-Time Offer has been restored to all our users.

Payment Gateway

  • PayPal has been restored as an active payment option.

Bug Fixes & Minor Tweaks

  • We’ve squashed a few bugs and made your reading experience even better.
By Alance

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