New Year's Update

New Year's Update

Happy new year, everyone!

2023 has been a wonderful year, but our plans for 2024 are much bigger. To start off the year, we are bringing you 6 new comics, a new shards package, and more updates!

New Year's Shards Package

To celebrate the new year, we have added a new limited-time shards package with +58% the value of normal packages!

6 New Comics

We are bringing you 6 new action-filled comics!

  • I Am The Fated Villain

  • Your Talent is Mine

  • The Devil Butler

  • The Unstoppable

  • The Game That I Came From

  • Rebirth of the Ultimate Master

Comment Section

The comment section is back! And this time with better moderation, and a sign-in requirement to avoid spam.

Other Changes

There's a lot more to uncover in this update, but to summarize:

  • The 'Series' page now allows you to view both Comics and Novels at once.

  • A new one-time payment option has been added for those who prefer not to save their card.

  • The Shards' Packages and Alandal+ pages have been revamped.

  • Users now have the ability to delete their account.

There's a lot more planned, so stay tuned for the coming updates!

By Alance

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